Why Purchase?

All the other Smugmug related tools are free or shareware. Why S*E is not?

Well, to start with, S*E is not some test app slapped together in one night from some standard building blocks. It incorporates hundreds and hundreds of hours of professional developing and testing. A lot of code that goes into S*E core functionality has been developed over several years of commercial programming, and the rest benefits from a couple of dozens years of working in the industry

You may have heard an old saying "you get what you paid for". S*E currently combines pretty much every major feature found in its competitors products - and I mean all of them put together. So, would you like to download and install a dozen of different apps (each time risking to catch a virus) and then try to learn them all and make them all to interoperate? Or would you prefer to have just a single application from a reliable source with a streamlined UI and guaranteed stability and performance? I'm not even saying that while S*E covers every other competitor's feature set, it also adds some unique ones that nobody else has. Take Auto Album Creation: this feature allows you to drop a whole tree of folders and S*E will create all the albums automatically, even if there are thousands of them. Or Persistent Queue: even if your utility power (or smugmug server) dies in the middle of the upload, you'll be able to continue next time without losing a single file. Don't remember where on SM you have uploaded the file to, or what original folder an image has been uploaded from - here's all-powerful Full Text Search... And the latest, but definitely not least addition: bulk Image Replace...

You can check the whole feature matrix here. And what if you don't find the one you need? Drop me a line, and the chances are I'll get it done before your trial expires...:-)

You will also get a top-notch customer service (not that you would need it much:-). It's a rare occasion that I don't answer an email request within the next few minutes, or an hour or two at most (man's gotta eat:-).

Looking for more reasons? Check my existing customers and read what they have said. More than a 1000 people have already done their homework and voted for S*E with their own money. An industry standard 30 days trial policy lets you decide for yourself. Simply download it and start using it. And I'm pretty sure you will find S*E worth purchasing!


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